4 Advantages of Moving Towards Cloud-based Bookkeeping Solutions as a Small Business

Posted on: 9 June 2015

Keeping your bookkeeping on the cloud is a great way to improve the communication between you and your accountant, and make sure that everyone is working from the most recent information. Here are some of the advantages in moving towards a cloud based system.


You bookkeeper no longer needs to sit in the same office as you, and can work on your system at any time. This is a great way to offer more flexibility to your bookkeeper so that they can work from home, or during the work hours that suit them the most. Additionally many of the system work well on mobile devices giving staff the ability to submit, and managers the ability to approve, expense claims on the go. This can be a very convenient option for active businesses to spend more time on work that brings in money and less time on administration.


As cloud based software charges a monthly fee rather than requiring a large upfront payment it can often be a more affordable way to pay for bookkeeping software for a new business which is just starting out. The fee is fully tax deductible and automatically includes any of the upgrades that the provider generates.


Most online/cloud book keeping systems give you the functionality to link your account directly to your accountant. This means they can download the relevant information for your tax statements directly without you needing to bring the information in or having face to face meeting. This should reduce the time that you and your accountants need to spend in monitoring your accounts and help reduce your accounting fees.

Equally many of the systems allow you to directly invoice from inside the system and will automatically act to line up bank transactions with matching line items. This can save you time and increase accuracy in your bank reconciliations.

Multiple access rights/oversight

As the cloud based systems have access for everyone in your business it is easier to have oversight on the transactions and movements happening with your accounts, including if new lines of credit are organised. This is an important tool to help companies identify fraud at the earliest stages.

As you can see there are many advantages to working with a cloud based bookkeeping system for a small business. Why not investigate your cloud based software options to make your bookkeeping as quick and effective as possible?


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